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Healthy and properly placed teeth aid a child to eat properly  and maintain good nutrition as well as also allow clear pronunciation and speech habits and guide the growth of permanent adult teeth in later life.

A child's milk teeth begin to develop before they are born, with the first signs of development occurring as early as four months of age. The lower front teeth are usually the first to develop, followed by the upper front teeth.

Infants generally have all of their baby teeth by the time they reach three years old, although the placing and order of emergence tends to differ across individuals.

A baby's first tooth usually erupts between six and twelve months. during tooth eruption we recommends rubbing the gum with a clean finger, the back of a cold spoon or a cold wet cloth to provide relief and soothing to often painful tissues.

Preventing tooth decay

There are a number of different things a parent can do to limit the risk of tooth decay among their children. We at Family Dental Center, Aligarh advise parents to avoid giving milk to children when they are falling asleep. Babies who require the use of a bottle before bed time should be given a dummy or water as a protective alternative.

In addition, it is very important for the parents to check for tooth decay in an infant upon the first signs of tooth eruption.

Is a healthy diet important?

Encourage children to eat healthy foods to prevent emerging problems with teeth and gums. We recommends to give a wide variety of foods to growing children in a bid to ensure the teeth, bones and soft tissue in the mouth remain in a good condition.

First dental visit

At The Family Dental Center, Aligarh we recommends parents should take their child to their first dental visit close to their First birthday.

A child should ideally see a dentist for a routine check-up once every 6-12 months as regular dental visits are very important in preventing the tooth decay.

Dental sealant

A dental sealant is a tooth coloured filling, which is used to prevent the onset of cavities after the growth of permanent back teeth. They may also be utilized to limit the risk of decay in areas where the teeth are particularly fissured or grooved. The protection offers children an effective level of protection against the development of potentially harmful bacteria.

Used in dentistry for a number of decades, the procedure is usually carried out soon after the adult teeth present themselves in the mouth  this usually takes place when a child reaches approximately six years of age.